MT4 Booster

A new way of viewing MT4 trades

A pack of 9 additional MT4 applications by RegalX to boost your trades and achieve your goals. Easily downloadable and installable.

Boost your trading

This 9-module toolkit by RegalX gives you a new way of viewing your trades on your MT4 platform. Your portfolio of tools includes an alarm manager, new trade terminal, correlation matrix, market manager, session map and more! Available for all clients who have deposited at least USD 2,500. Easy download and install on MT4.

Alarm Manager

Unlike MT4’s default alert system, Alarm Manager can automatically open or close trades for you. It’s more than an alerting system and it also operates as an EA (Expert Advisor).

  • 6 Different types of alerts
  • Open, close trades or place pending orders
  • Notifications via SMS, e-mail, pop-up, sound alerts, or even Twitter

Trade Terminal

An alternative to the MT4 trading window, with additional features. This advanced trade execution and analysis tool allows for quick and precision trading.

  • Quicker modification of S/L, T/P and Trailing Stops
  • Quicker opening of market, pending and OCO orders
  • One-click trading manager
  • Risk calculators  and analysis functions
  • Create templates for frequently-used or complex order preferences

Correlation Trader

A more detailed correlation calculation than just a quick view of scores. The Correlation Trader  allows you to easily understand how your favourite investment instruments move together.

  • Open and close orders, place S/L and T/P in both hedging/non-hedging mode directly from the charts
  • Select specific time scales for your chosen market
  • Compare figures such as net profits for each instrument

Sentiment Trader

See general trading sentiment, market moods and instrument directors within your MT4 display. Data reflects general market overview.

  • Configurable displays of market and historic sentiment
  • Open and close orders, place S/L and T/P in both hedging/non hedging mode directly within chart
  • Shows current sentiment, historic sentiment plotted against price, and also any open positions in the selected symbol

Market Manager

The Market Manager provides you full control over symbol watch-lists, and all account and order activity, from one convenient window. Traders can select symbols, view recent price activity, place market and pending orders, and modify existing positions.

  • Name and save preferred symbols in convenient groups in order preference
  • Run trading activities directly from the market manager
  • View graphic market overviews for each symbol covering the last 5 days, 24 hours and 60 minutes

Session Map

A quick market overview of the world’s key markets and time zones. It shows the current global time, markers for future news events, plus an overview of price movements during each session.

  • Displays world’s main markets with a time-line reflecting trader’s local time
  • Price movement information for each completed or current market session
  • Account information including floating P/L and margin usage Impact colour-coded markers for future calendar events

Excel RTD

Excel RTD puts real-time account, ticket, and price data into Excel using simple formulas – no macros, no programming. Traders with basic programming skills can also use the app to send trading commands from Excel (or any other COM environment).

  • No macros, no programming, no XLL add-in
  • Send trading commands from VBA code in Excel
  • Put real-time account, ticket, and price data into Excel using only Excel’s built-in RTD function.

Mini Terminal

The Mini Terminal is an extension of the Trade Terminal, currently for MT4 only. It is designed for traders who want to concentrate on a specific market.The Mini Terminal displays the same deal ticket as the Trade Terminal in the context of a specific trading chart.

  • Simple fields for setting S/L, T/P and trailing stop in pips
  • Pop-up calculators, e.g. for working out the lot size which corresponds to a cash risk given a particular S/L distance Open-position marker
  • Pop-up dealing form for creating pending orders as well as market orders

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