The power of AI,
now brought to your trades
by AI Autotrade™.

Trade 24/7 with Institutional grade Artificial Intelligence, that learns on the go and analyses vast amounts of market data.


What is AI Trading?

You’ve heard of AI trading. Now see first-hand how it can help you succeed by doing the heavy lifting for you – using machine learning and computational power. AI trading in its most basic form is the buying and selling of assets without human interaction. The software trades on your behalf, based on the conditions it has been programmed to follow.

But the best AI programmes can learn. They analyse millions of potential scenarios in a split second – more than if all the world’s human traders combined. By using large chunks of historical data to predict what will happen, AI programmes have access to the entire history of trading information.

institutional grade AI

Till now, AI trading algorithms cost a lot of money, were only available to the largest financial institutions, and were highly guarded at all times. Retail traders had little access to this pro level of AI trading – until now!

AI Autotrade™

We have worked with our innovation partners to unlock the same type of Artificial Intelligence systems as the big institutional players use. Our member base gives us the resources to invest in institutional-grade AI trading – that we’re now making available to our retail traders.

Limitless data analysis

Seasoned traders know the importance of preparation. Our AIS Trading can access incredible amounts of historical data to predict markets.


It performs all the advanced technical research on all the asset classes as you want. You can take over the reins when you have the data you need.

No fatigue

Even the best brains get tired, and that’s where the mistakes creep in. Our AIS Trading never encounters fatigue, which means it never gets careless.

Artificial Intelligence System

No emotional trades

Pulling out of a diving stock, or buying an overvalued stock against your better judgment. With AIS analysis, judgments are based on data & facts.

Non-stop trading

No fatigue doesn’t just mean fewer mistakes. It also means you can trade 24/7. you can now do non-stop trading with Regal AI anytime.

Opening world markets

If you can trade 24/7, you can trade in all the world’s markets. Trading across Tokyo Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ despite a 14 hour time difference.

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Perfect for Beginners & Advanced Traders

RegalX AIS trading is suitable for both newbie traders and seasoned investors. Traders just starting out benefit from exceptional number-crunching and data-led decision-making, without them having to do much. Authorise your AI to trade on your behalf, and it’ll the best decisions it can based on the universe of data available to it.

Seasoned pros, on the other hand, benefit from better diversification, 24/7 trading and the ability to analyse significantly larger historical datasets. Always-on trading can help tap markets from around the world to ensure opportunities aren’t missed.

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